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Jayden Delbridge
Founder, UrVoice Australia

I created UrVoice Australia because I lost someone to suicide and decided it was time to stand up. I was seeing my own peers struggle and not feel validated. I've been a mental health advocate since 2019 and it has led me to do amazing things and hear amazing stories. I am driven by these stories to create a safer, more open tomorrow.

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My Story

After facing my own personal experience with suicide loss, I created UrVoice Australia. As someone who has felt the impact of losing someone to suicide, I decided it was time to stand up. UrVoice Australia aims to help students with early intervention and education in mental health awareness and suicide prevention. 

In 2019, in collaboration with Councillor Greg Best, I helped introduce "Jayden’s Message – Suicide Prevention 2020" to Central Coast Council. That ratified Central Coast Council’s support for World Suicide Prevention Day and provided a report on suicide prevention initiatives on the Central Coast. Following this, in January 2020, I was nominated for the Central Coast “Youth of the Year Award” for significant contribution to the community.


Also in 2020, I partook in Central Coast Council’s IGNITE Business Launchpad and consequentially received mentorship from Adam Mostogl. In addition, I was named ‘Emerging Young Entrepreneur of the Year’ of St. Peter’s Catholic College. Also at St Peter’s, I was a member of the social justice team, facilitating reflection and leadership days. I also served as the Social and Publicity Captain

I have been a member of the Central Coast Y4Y Action Team. In my role, I gave feedback to the Youth Services Team and help develop projects that have been developed from the ideas of the Y4Y.  

I also served on the NSW Youth Advisory Council. In this role, I gave feedback on behalf of young people to the Minister for Families, Communities & Disability Services, and the Advocate for Children and Young People. 

In 2022,  was the Leader of the Opposition in the Upper House in the Y NSW Youth Parliament. In this position, I advocated for young people all over the state, and was instrumental in drafting a report to the NSW Youth Legislative Council on education resource allocation.

My experience and mentorship guide me to push for a better tomorrow where students feel validated and included. That's why UrVoice Australia is here today.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

02 4314 6201

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