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Support us

Ways you can help


UrVoice Australia relies on volunteers to operate. We value any support and insight. Any skills/commitment helps. 


Donating ensures operational costs stay low. This means money is spent on those who need it most.


Spread the word! Share our story and why UrVoice Australia exists. Sharing our message helps us stay afloat.

Why should you donate?

UrVoice Australia is 100% non-for-profit, meaning that donating to us means we are able to sustain ourselves and make the most help we possibly can. Donating means we can have access to more resources, tools, and strategies to make the most impact we possibly can.

All money raised goes directly into building up the organisation to expand our reach and help more and more people. The money directly goes into ensuring all students feel safe and supported and supporting children in student wellbeing.

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