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What is Speak Out @ School exactly?

Speak Out @ School is a welfare reporting system designed for school students that can be used by other students, teachers and parents . It allows communication to the school wellbeing team in a clear, easy way. This program has been designed for youth, by youth who understand the struggles being faced by teenagers. 


Around 40% of all suicide related deaths are in the ages of 15-24, this just shows the scale of the issue.


The wellbeing team usually consists of the wellbeing coordinator, year coordinators and school counsellors but can be anyone the school elects.


The platform has 4 key components - reporting, booking, blog and groups. Each of these components have been designed for easy customisation for different needs to different schools, and user friendly for all users of the platform.


The reporting feature allows for students, parents or teachers to report welfare issues to the wellbeing team who can review and assist the individual and mitigate the incident from occurring.


The booking feature allows for students to book with a member of the wellbeing team, or be referred to the school counsellor. This allows for appointment reminders and better communication so that students aren’t surprised when asked to go see the counsellor.


Thirdly, the blog feature allows the school to post updates, mental health tips, and testimonies to other peers using the platform. It is designed to allow the promotion of good mental health all year round. The blog was specifically designed so that it can be as customisable for each school and allows for the school to post their own content.


Lastly, the groups feature allows for students to join different social groups that interest them, in a controlled and monitored way. For example, LGBTQIA+ groups, POC groups or groups for those who are struggling. All of these groups allow for students to feel supported and nurtured whilst they are struggling. After all - we are in this together.


What makes Speak Out @ School different is the fact that everything is all on the one platform. This promotes better communication and collaboration and ensures that everyone is on the same page. This aids the wellbeing team to better understand and help those who are struggling.


The platform is currently up for public exhibition! You can view it here. Speak Out @ School is ready to be implemented into schools.

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